Hippity Hoppity Gift Guide: Treats for Your Little Bunnies

Hippity Hoppity Gift Guide: Treats for Your Little Bunnies

Easter is just around the corner, and I've teamed up with some amazing small businesses to bring you a fabulous Easter guide filled with gifts, activities and treats for your little bunnies. It's a bit of a long one so grab a cuppa and a hot cross bun and take a read.

Make it Magical

Stardust and Whimsy bring the magic back to Easter with a special letter from the Easter bunny letting you know where to find your hidden eggs. Beautifully crafted and illustrated the letters are individually written and are even completed with a bunny postage stamp to bring the ultimate magic for your little one. Hop on over to the website to see the collection here.

Easter Letters


Easter Egg Hunting

What is Easter without a good Easter egg hunt? As my kids have got older we have progressed to having clues which get trickier each year. The challenge for me is remembering the answers and where I put the eggs! For your little ones, these fabric baskets from Big Little Gift Box are perfect to store all those chocolate eggs and nice and soft for little ones to hold. You can find them with some chocolate treats included here.

Easter Basket


Easter Fluffy on the Go

If you are heading out to your favourite cafe over the Easter break then make sure you take your Hip Hop Away fluffy cup from Fluffy To Go. This one is designed for the little ones that like to hop around and refuse to sit still but hopefully long enough to drink their fluffy. As long as it has extra marshmallows and sprinkles! You can buy yours here.

Fluffy to Go


An Easter to Remember

Halo and Hart Design have some beautiful keepsakes, made here in NZ and all with love. Their Easter range includes Easter tags, signs and countdown plaques to remember your little one's first Easter. You can see the full range here.

Halo and Hart


Emotional Support Bunny

Take a look at these little cuties hand crocheted by Fibre and Florals. The range includes all sorts of softies but for Easter I thought these bunnies with their fluffy little tails were simply perfect. All funds from their crochet range goes right back into providing yarn to crochet for mental health support. A gift that totally gives back. Take a look here.

Bunny Softie


Easter Egg Hunt in Style

To truly get into Easter in style, check out home based printing business Intrinsic Design. Based in sunny Picton you'll find custom printed clothing for young and old. The latest Easter collection is out and so very sweet with a great collection of t-shirts and onesies for your little ones. The adults don't have to miss out either- there are Easter t-shirts for you too! See the full collection here.

Honey Bunny T Shirt


Love a Cuddle Bunny

Meet Elizabeth - she is a one of a kind heirloom bunny and simply adorable. This would make an extra special Easter gift, made with love and care by Zealous Designs. She has soft floppy ears, wears a cute little outfit and her clothes are removable. You can take a look at Elizabeth and all her cute little friends here.

Zealous Design


Glitter Bunnies

I know my daughter would absolutely love this combo - bunnies, glitter and pink! This sweet bag tag is made by Boo Bear Gifts and is so adorable. They are personalised and can be used for gifts or as a cute tag for your little one's school bag. You can find them here.

Bunny Bag Tags


Hot Cross Buns with the Carbs

I had to throw in a gift for the grown up bunnies. If you haven't followed Joys Handmade Boutique on Instagram I highly recommend you do. I find it fascinating seeing Joy's amazing earring creations and the time and creative effort that goes into them. The Easter collection has some wonderful sculptured earrings that are so amazingly realistic. My favourites are the hot cross buns which you can find here


Hot Cross Bun Earrings


It wouldn't be Easter without Chocolate

Limited edition Easter loaded chocolate bars are also available and so unbelievably delicious. They make a great final prize for your Easter egg hunt or wrapped as a gift. Perfect for young and old (and everyone in between), find them here.


Easter Chocolate

Hope you enjoyed seeing another selection of amazing NZ businesses. Happy Easter!

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