Housewarming Gift Guide

Housewarming Gift Giving Guide

Many people say moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do. Whilst this doesn't appear to have been scientifically proven, I can completely understand. Real estate agents, finance arrangements, lawyers and lots of paperwork all come to mind. On top of that, don't forget the actual packing and moving part of a settling into a new home.

Having said all that, when the boxes are finally unpacked (or tucked away in the shed!) it all usually feels worth it. So, as a supportive friend or family member how do we say congratulations on moving into your first, next or forever home with a gift? I have just launched a new housewarming gift box so thought this was a great time to give you my top 5 housewarming gifts. Hope you find them useful!

Housewarming Gift Box

All the products you need when moving into a new home. A cute house shaped candle, a handy keychain for those new keys, soap and wash cloth for your new bathroom and some chocolate (of course!).

Find them here

NOMAD Tea Towels

NOMAD Trading Company Tea Towels

It's always impossible to find the box you packed the tea towels in when you move. Save them the trouble and buy some beautiful linen tea towels from NOMAD with a minimalistic design that works in any home.

Find them here

Will and Able Gift Boxes

Will & Able Gift Boxes

Spread the love and give a gift that's useful and helps someone else! Will & Able are on a mission to create 100 new jobs for Kiwi's with disabilities and make earth-friendly cleaning products you all love.

Their gift boxes come with one of each product in the range and a personalised thank you card. 

Find them here

HUSKI wine cooler


Huski Wine Cooler

I can highly recommend Huski wine coolers. They allow you to enjoy a glass of wine in your new living room without going backwards and forwards to the fridge. They come in lots of fabulous colours too.

Find them here

Unique French Butter Dishes

Unique French Butter Dish - Ceramics by Fiona

I don't know anyone who owns one of these, but I know I would love this gift - great for people who have everything! Handmade from speckled clay by Ceramics by Fiona in Christchurch they make a stunning gift.

Find them here

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