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Little Gift Boxes just got BIG

Choice, it’s a good thing right? Well for me choice can often end up resulting in not choosing at all and putting the decision off. My worst nightmare is a restaurant with a huge menu. Too many choices and you have to make a decision right there and then! But when it comes to gift boxes, what I am hearing loud and clear is that choice is a good thing. That’s why my Big Little gift boxes have just got bigger, but that’s not the only reason.

Big Little Gift Box

I originally set up Big Little Gift Box with a few goals in mind. I wanted to create sustainable reusable gift boxes full of products supporting small handmade businesses in New Zealand. My idea was that the gifts were small, cute and very affordable. I was trying to shift away from those massive expensive hampers full of goods that no one uses. I think we’ve all had one of those and felt bad about throwing away 50% of the contents 12 months later.

As soon as I had made the first prototype fabric box (after many attempts!) my husband immediately said “that’s too small”. Of course, like any good wife I completely ignored him and carried on. I started to make some sales and brought on board some corporate clients and all was good with the world.

Fast forward to earlier this year, I was approached by the wonderful team at Generation Homes Canterbury. They wanted a handover gift for their clients who were moving into a one of their stunning new homes. Basically, a gift that said “welcome home”. The key word they used was that they wanted it to be substantial. I suddenly had my husband’s words ringing in my ears – my current gift boxes were too small to be ‘substantial’ enough for a moment as big as moving into your brand new home.

Generation Homes Gift Box

Which is where choice kicks in right? When it comes to gifting there are so many different people and so many occasions to buy for which makes choice so important. The other benefits of producing larger boxes are that I can now fit larger products inside and also can include more handcrafted products. It’s such a great way to support more handmade businesses.

The feedback was overwhelming from both Generation Homes but also through social media. That’s why I decided to launch my Bigger Little Gift Boxes and make them available to everyone. There are two curated boxes available plus four options to ‘design your own’ gift box. I hope you like them - click here to see more.

Blue Daisy Gift Box

So, what did my husband say when I showed him the larger size gift boxes (again after several attempts at perfection!). He said “now that’s what I was talking about!”. I ignored the smug grin on his face on carried on but maybe I will listen to him from time to time in future.

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