Perfect Presents for Yoga-Loving Mums

Perfect Presents for Yoga-Loving Mums

Mother's Day is on the 12th May and you may have already started to think what would make the perfect gift. We know lots of Mums are enjoying the benefits of a regular yoga practice. So why not support your Mum's passion and buy a gift to enhance her routine. It's always tough to find the right gift and buying something your Mum is already loving is a great start.

We have teamed up with our favourite local yoga studio, Kanuka Yoga Space to create a Mother's Day gift guide and also a special offer. We have some beautiful gift ideas from some specialist yoga stores that we think any yoga loving Mum will enjoy. 

Here are some top picks for gifts recommended by the experts at Kanuka Yoga Space.

Kanuka Yoga Space and Big Little Gift Box - Special Offer

To celebrate all the Mum's and special people out here we have created an exclusive offer for you. This yoga inspired gift box features a pass for Kanuka Yoga Space plus some NZ handcrafted goodies. This includes a beautiful mint green floral keychain, lavender and patchouli soap, herbal tea and a Palo Santo stick and matches.

Here's the deal:

  • A 5 class pass at Kanuka Yoga Space plus special gift box - $165
  • A 10 class pass at Kanuka Yoga Space plus special gift box - $242

You can purchase through Kanuka's page at the links above and collect in studio before Mother's Day.

Big Little Gift Box also offers 15% discount with the code KANUKA


The Cork Yoga Mat - Sustainable and Practical

We love Valka Yoga's dedication to sustainable products. Their cork yoga mats have great cushion, are non-slip, and are environmentally friendly. Cork yoga blocks are especially handy for myofascial release and the extra weight provides stability and can be used for strength-training. Take a look at their mats here

There is 10% off any online purchase you make using the discount code - KANUKA10

Valka Yoga Mats


Copper Water Bottle - Unique Gifting

Drinking out of a copper water bottle has many health benefits. Copper has been shown to slow aging, support immunity, improve skin, eliminate toxins, aid in weight loss and is a strong antioxidant that helps fight off disease and boost brain power. Add to this that it looks so unique and stylish - any yoga Mum would love this. Check them out here

Again, at Valka Yoga there is 10% off any online purchase you make using the discount code - KANUKA10

Copper water Bottle


Mala Beads - Stunning Accessories 

A mala is a meditation necklace that has been worn by Yogis, Hindus and Buddhists for thousands of years. It supports you on your spiritual journey and helps you manifest your goals. Yoko Micromacrame Art is a NZ based business who makes beautiful and intricately hand crafted mala beads and necklaces, with micro macrame art. They also make custom beads, you can see them all here.

Mala Beads


All Senses - Yoga Bolsters

All Senses create hand crated cushions for yoga, meditation and interiors. Their products are washable, practical and beautiful plus filled with natural materials like NZ wool or organic cotton. All the things that Mum will appreciate. The firm round Yoga bolster creates relaxation, improves your posture, and helps to open the body for deep breathing.

You can see all the designs here and also don't forget to use the free shipping code - Kanuka.


Tea Total - Wellbeing Bundle

You are always welcomed at Kanuka Yoga Space with a delightful cup of Tea Total tea. They are a family owned, Kiwi business committed to ethically sourcing only the finest quality teas from the most reputable tea gardens around the world. 

Our favourite pick for a Mother's Day gift id the Wellbeing bundle featuring three different types of tea and a mesh infuser. You will receive 15% Off any tea product (excl accessories) you purchase online with the discount Code - KANUKA


Eco Yoga Store - Mat Selector

Choosing the right mat can be tricky, especially if it is a gift for someone. We wanted to share this nifty yoga mat selection tool helps you choose the right mat for your circumstances and budget. Answer a series of questions and the tool will provide you with the most suitable mat.

You can access it here and also use the code K4nuk4 for 10% Off any TRIBE or Manuka product you purchase online at Eco Yoga Store using this link.

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